Supporting our Members, Families, and Local Communities in Orlando

The AAP is committed to hosting a meeting that reflects our mission and values. Below please find more information about our approach to the 2024 National Conference and Exhibition in Orlando. 

Impact of state and local laws on programming

The AAP will select all programming offered at the Orange County Convention Center during our conference and will not be limited in any educational topics. AAP control of educational content has been confirmed by Visit Orlando, the Official Tourism Association of Orlando. We remain committed to carrying out our mission to advance educational opportunities for our members and other health care professionals who attend the National Conference. 

While our focus this year may be on Florida, AAP members in many parts of the country are struggling to care for children in states with policies and legislation that are not aligned with AAP recommendations. Programming at this year’s conference will aim to equip, inform and support members providing this critical health care no matter where they are located. 

On-site safety and inclusion

The AAP is committed to inclusion, equity, and respectful treatment of all meeting participants and seeks to provide a safe and professional atmosphere in which attendees may learn and network with colleagues. All participants, including attendees, faculty, volunteers, exhibitors, staff, service providers, and all others are expected to abide by the AAP meeting Code of Conduct.   

Due to laws and policies in place in Florida , as well as warnings from groups like the NAACP about traveling to the state, the AAP recognizes that people of color, members of the LGBTQ+ community, pregnant people, and those from other marginalized groups may have concerns about their safety while in Orlando. 

To ensure our attendees experience a welcoming and safe environment this year, AAP will be working closely with the Orange County Convention Center, Visit Orlando, all AAP contracted hotels, special event facilities, and our shuttle provider. The City of Orlando has received a perfect score from the Human Rights Campaign’s Municipal Equality Index for nine consecutive years, based on how inclusive their municipal laws, policies, and services are of LGBTQ+ residents and visitors. Attendees will be welcome to use the restroom that matches their gender identity.  

The convention center maintains 24-hour security, overseeing all public areas, concourses, back-of-house areas, parking lots, and related exterior grounds. No guns will be allowed at the conference, and signage at the convention center will reiterate this policy.  Everyone in the convention center must have an AAP registration badge or a convention center staff badge.   

In addition, AAP hires an extensive private security team, including off-duty police officers assigned exclusively to our meeting. They will be checking for appropriate badges throughout our meeting spaces and have the authority to remove any attendee who becomes disruptive or fails to abide by our meeting Code of Conduct. 

Virtual programming

The 2024 National Conference will offer a limited virtual program that will include a live stream of all Plenary Sessions, and other recorded sessions that will be made available online through Jan. 31, 2025.  Attendees may cancel their in-person registration at any time without penalty and be converted to virtual-only attendance. 

Local impact

The AAP is proud to work with our Florida Chapter to identify and contribute to local organizations that support our mission. For more information and details on how you can help support, please check out our Make a Difference page.  

Make a difference

National Conference site selection

The AAP rotates its National Conference around the country to create more accessible and inclusive opportunities for attendees to participate.   

The AAP evaluates potential sites based on accessibility, venue quality, affordability, and other factors. There are currently 15 convention facilities in 12 states that are large enough to accommodate a conference the size of AAP’s National Conference. Some large convention facilities have requirements that AAP cannot meet, which reduces the number of options for our meeting. AAP must reserve convention facilities of this size at least 10 years in advance of the meeting. 

Orlando was selected in 2013 to be the host city for AAP’s 2024 conference and was also the host city for the 2018 National Conference.      

Future locations of AAP National Conferences

The 2025 National Conference & Exhibition will be taking place September 26-30 in Denver, CO. Here’s a full list of future dates/cities through 2027.