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Thank you for attending the 2021 AAP Virtual National Conference & Exhibition!

Visit the Conference Platform to access the 2021 Virtual National Conference! Registered attendees can access through Jan 31, 2022.

Conference Platform

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I LOVE the message from @Simone_Biles to NEVER GIVE UP and dream big, dream bigger. My daughters need this message! #AAP2021


Guess who’s excited for another conference! #AAP2021 #AAPSOECP


Thank you @AAPPres for your leadership and your words to open #AAP2021. Recognizing the hard work of pediatricians during the pandemic and its emotional toll, calling out systemic racism, and supporting mental health. @AAPexperience


Running the #AAP2021 virtual 5k now. Who’s doing/already did this? Lemme know, I’ll cheer  you on! (Or any other workout routine, love cheering, tag/DM me )

Interactive Exhibits

AAP exhibitors specialize in pharmaceuticals, health care, infant feeding nutrition, publications, computer technology, and recruiting. The exhibit program offers fun activities for attendees and features virtual product theaters where attendees can stay up to date on emerging pediatric devices and products.

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