Product Theater Important Dates & Deadlines

June 5

  • Presentation listing form can be submitted to Eva Fujino
  • All product theater presentations will be listed on the conference website, on a product theater page. Listing on the conference website includes date/time, the title, company name and a link to your event site.
  • The listing is public facing. It is not a private webpage.

June 26

  • Presentation listing form is due in order to be included in the listing posted on July 21st.
  • The product theater listing will be made available on the website on July 21st.
  • Edits to the listing information can be made after this date. If updates are required, please contact Eva Fujino

September TBD

  • AAP will be sending an email to all registered attendees to highlight the exhibit, product theater and symposia programs. Be sure to have your listing ready!

September 23

  • Presentation slides are due to AAP for AV testing.  *Note: Any recordings are the presenting companies responsibility.
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