Exhibitor Prospectus

The 2021 American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference & Exhibition will be entirely virtual.The conference will offer world-class education, an exhibit program, and many unique experiences to a broader audience than ever before!

This is the most comprehensive pediatric meeting in the world and represents the full spectrum of pediatric medical professionals and decision-makers, including pediatricians in general practice and subspecialities, young physicians, pediatric residents, and other allied health professionals.

Please contact Barry Sacks for exhibit sales.
Barry Sacks

2021 Virtual Booth Profile

Virtual: $3,000 | $2,000 Non-profit

Included in virtual profile: lead retrieval, live chat, video engagement, website links, PDFs, banner, company logo, company description

New to Virtual Exhibiting?

AAP’s Expert Exhibitor Experience is a customizable suite of a-la-carte marketing tools and services designed to help drive traffic to your online presence, increasing engagement and improve your ROI in the virtual event arena and beyond.

AAP will provide individualized exhibitor care and support to help manage exhibitor assets and successfully prepare for and execute rewarding experiences for both live and virtual events

AAP marketMAX

  • The AAP will offer AAP marketMAX, a suite of a-la-carte marketing tools and services designed specifically to help increase booth traffic and improve customer engagement before, during and after the physical and virtual events

Promotional Opportunities

  • Official Sponsorships
  • Advertising
  • Product Theaters
  • Industry Symposia
  • Opportunity to rent pre-show and post-show attendee mailing lists

2020 Overview

Profile of Attendees/Stats from 2020

  • Total Exhibit Hall Visitors: 4,395
  • Total Booth Views: 144,936
  • Total Company Website Clicks: 16,003
  • Total Information Requests: 3,055
  • Total Video Chats: 1,022

Breakdown of 2020 Attendees (TOTAL: 14,700):

  • Members: 9,446
  • Non-member Physicians: 3,442
  • Non-member Residents: 406
  • Allied Health/Other: 1,406
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