What is the AAP Experience?

The AAP National Conference & Exhibition offers an amazing attendee experience – but don’t just take our word for it – hear directly from past attendees.

Proud to be part of the AAP

“This was a great program! This was the first time I have been to the National Conference. The breadth of ideas was amazing. I am inspired to continue my work both in and outside the clinic as a Pediatrician. I am proud to be part of the AAP.”

Excellent and Inspiring!

“Once again, the plenary session speakers were excellent and inspiring! I really think the conference achieved a great balance between these more “entertaining” (and inspiring!) sessions, and the more educational content. Well done!”

“It was my first conference and I absolutely loved it! Will definitely be back.”

Gives Me Such Motivation

“This conference was awesome. As a new provider and first time goer, I can say that I have learned an incredible amount or useful information. It has given me such motivation to carry out the information learned in my practice. I also love the kid-friendly activities provided. I’m definitely bringing my 3 children next year!”

Wish It Could Last Longer

“I loved it!! It was wonderful!! As always, I wish the AAP experience could last longer—there was
so much to see and so little time! Thanks again for a terrific conference :)”

“It is an amazing conference with so much to offer. I had a wonderful time and I learned so much for my start-up practice.”

Join us in San Diego: 129 Days. 10 Hours. 13 Minutes.