On-Demand Faculty Resource Page

Thank you for being on-demand faculty for the 2021 National Conference & Exhibition!

This page will serve as a resource for relevant faculty information. All required tasks and faculty deliverables must be completed within the Session Portal. Please contact nce@aap.org with any login issues/questions and be on the lookout for reminders as tasks become due.

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The recent surge in COVID-19 infections across the U.S. from the delta variant and the transmission of COVID-19 to children make it challenging for large numbers of attendees to convene safely in person and continue to protect themselves, their patients, their families, and their communities. Therefore, the 2021 American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference & Exhibition will be entirely virtual. See here for the full announcement.

Travel arrangements: if you made a hotel reservation through the official AAP hotel block, your reservation will automatically be cancelled. If you booked a flight through the AAP travel office, your flight will be automatically cancelled. Please do not contact the housing bureau, the AAP travel office or the hotel directly to cancel. If you made travel arrangements on your own, you are responsible for cancelling.

We are so grateful for all your participation in the 2021 AAP National Conference to date. We look forward to working with you to ensure that our members receive the outstanding education they expect and need from the National Conference.

Again, thank you for all you do for the AAP National Conference. We look forward to an event to remember. Please reach out to nce@aap.org if you have any questions or concerns.

On-Demand Session Faculty Overview

On-demand sessions are up to 45-minute pre-recorded sessions that will live in a robust library for attendees to access on their schedule. On-demand sessions are comprised of one faculty per session and will be recorded within our Session Portal by August 13, 2021. Additional details on how to record your session can be found in the Session Portal.

In consideration for your participation, the AAP will provide an honorarium of $100 per session and complimentary virtual conference registration.

Timeline: Important Dates/Deadlines

  • January 31, 2022: 2021 National Conference & Exhibition virtual access ends

Session Portal

The Session Portal is where faculty will complete tasks, upload documents and record on-demand sessions. Please be on the lookout for reminders as tasks become due.

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Session Information & Slide Template

A 2021 National Conference branded PowerPoint template is available for slide development. While this template is not required, faculty should ensure that final slide presentations include:

  • Session title and speaker information
  • Conflict of interest/disclosure (please ensure this matches your current disclosure)
  • Learning objectives
  • Changes in practice
  • Reference list

Please remember that animations and videos are not supported. Save and upload your slides as a PDF file to ensure fonts and formats are preserved. Additional instructions on how to record your on-demand session can be found within the Session Portal. Please note, all on-demand sessions must be recorded within the Session Portal by August 13, 2021. Attendees will be able to access slides through the online conference platform.

download 2021 powerpoint template

Copyright Information

Due to the virtual/enduring format of this educational activity, the utmost caution should be taken on copyright. We do not want you to be sued for copyright infringement. Please review the following copyright resources as you develop presentation.

review copyright resources

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

When developing your presentation, please be sure to review the following materials on equity, diversity & inclusion at the 2021 National Conference.

AAP Meeting Code of Conduct

Words Matter: AAP Guidance on Inclusive, Anti-biased Language

Tips to Make Your Virtual Presentations Accessible
Educational Resources for Developing CME/CPD Content

To help support the development of the Best Pediatric CME/CPD for the Best Pediatric Care, the AAP Committee on CME (COCME) has developed a website that includes resources for faculty/authors and educational planners as they develop and deliver CME/CPD activities.

Listed below are some resources to assist in developing presentations and other educational content.

Educational Resources for Developing CME/CPD Content

Conference Registration

As virtual faculty, your conference registration fee is waived. Please visit the Session Portal for a promo code to waive your registration fee.

Contact registration@aap.org for questions.


In consideration for your participation, the AAP will provide an honorarium of $100 per session and complimentary conference registration.

Additional details and instructions on how to upload your W-9 can be found within the Session Portal.


Email nce@aap.org