Frequently Asked Questions: Exhibitor & Product Theaters

See here for an exhibitor schedule at a glance. 

This year is the first year the AAP is launching a virtual meeting. We typically have over 10,000 professionals for our in-person meeting but have the opportunity to reach a broader audience this year. 

  • company description  
  • product categories
  • logo  
  • representative contact information  
  • brief video
  • company resource attachments  
  • ability to video chat directly with attendees 

Yes, there will be a la carte upgrades such as lead retrieval, banner on the company profile, Match Making, assistance with social media and creating marketing pieces.  Details are being finalized and will be available mid-late August. 

You will have a dedicated representative to answer questions & teach you how to maximize your company profile.  

Included in your virtual “booth” fee, AAP’s new Expert Exhibitor Experience is a customizable suite of a-la-carte marketing tools and services designed to help drive traffic to your online presence, increase engagement and improve your ROI in the new virtual event arena and beyond.  

We are still setting up the platform for the overall meeting. Once set, we will be able to send admin access to enter information. This will most likely be mid-late August. We will also have a dedicated care representative for you and your team to learn the admin process. 

Yes, information will be available on our website ( in the upcoming weeks 

The virtual platform will be live through January 2021.

Yes, this is available as an upgrade in the online manual. 

The list will include registered attendees mailing addresses (no email). The list will NOT include attendee demographics. 

Yes, this is available as an upgrade in the online manual. 

Attendees can choose to opt out of being contacted. 

Details will be sent in mid-late August.  The profile is a live system allowing you to make edits as needed.